Lighting Retrofit

Lighting Retrofit

Want to become more energy efficient in your commercial or industrial lighting? We follow a detailed process that encourages open communication during the entire lighting retrofitting project.

Our Process
Assessing Current Lighting Systems

  • Review the number of fixtures
  • Discuss types of fixtures
  • Discuss types of lamps
  • Discuss the desired cost savings
  • Assess the current lighting performance
  • Identify any lighting hazards

Recommending Improvements

  • Based on the budget and project timeline
  • Based on cost savings

Construction / Installation

  • Approved plan with all the steps identified
  • Daily communication on the progress
  • Equipment is managed so we move forward efficiently

Shoreline is a registered trade ally with many of the utility companies. We will fill out the paperwork in order for you to receive the rebate for upgrades to your lighting system. You will be required to submit a copy of your recent power bill, and a W9 form then we will handle the rest.