Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers at Shoreline

What are Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)?

A PLC is a type of industrial computer that has been adapted for manufacturing. It monitors the input, then makes decisions based on its programming for the output. PLC systems are modular, which means you can mix and match the types of input and output devices used with it to best suit the business.

Benefits of a PLC System

Besides offering advanced technology, there are many benefits that PLC systems offer. Some of those include:

  • Compact design: Because PLC systems have reduced wiring, they are compact in design.
  • Reliable: Once a program has been created, it can be downloaded to additional PLCs, increasing the reliability of the overall system.
  • Lower cost: It is often less expensive to install a PLC system than a relay logic panel. It is also easier to change a program in a PLC than to rewire a circuit, which saves money as the business evolves. PLC programs also consume minimal power compared to relay-based systems which is great for money saving and for the environment.
  • Easy to Troubleshoot: PLC’s are easy to learn and program. It’s also easy to find and fix software and hardware problems for a PLC. Easy troubleshooting also saves money.  

Industries that use PLC Systems

Manufacturing industries are the main companies that benefit from PLC’s, including:

  • Assembly lines
  • Robotic devices
  • Steel industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Energy Sector
  • Chemical Industry

Shoreline Power Services has broad experience in programming PLCs for various industries including automotive, water/wastewater, oil and gas, and food/beverage. Our design and development process focuses on attention to detail, helping to reduce or eliminate downtime and improve safety. Our programmers are equipped to meet numerous equipment requirements allowing us to produce high-quality PLC systems for our customers.

Shoreline Power Services can assist your business with a PLC system! Contact us today!