Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Communications

In today's industry, faster and more reliable communications are becoming more important than ever before. When installing fiber optics, it is very important to do it correctly in order to maintain the integrity of the fiber. Shoreline Power Services offers new installations and troubleshooting of existing fiber optics communications applications. Certified test reporting for your fiber installations is also available. Call Shoreline Power Services for your voice, data, or network fiber needs. Contact us today!

Fiber Optics Communications at ShorelineBenefits of Fiber Optic Communication

There are many benefits to having fiber optic communication, including:

  • Better Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables offer great bandwidth in comparison to other cables. Fiber optic will help your internet work faster for your company for tasks like downloading data, uploading to the cloud, and managing your CCTV.

  • Long Data Transmission Distances

Fiber optic cable can transfer data for 10’s of miles, giving you great flexibility for your company.

  • Durability

Reliability is important in your business. Copper cables are damaged more easily than fiber optic, making them less reliable.

What is fiber optic communication?

Fiber optic communication is a way of transporting information via an optical fiber.  Optical fibers are long, hair-like strands of pure glass. They are grouped in bundles into cables and used to send information. They work by turning electronic signals into light and sending it through the fiber. Fiber works well for voice, video, internet, and cable television communication. Fiber optic communication works well for sending information over long distances.

Fiber optic communication was first developed in the 1970s for use in the medical industry. In the 1990s, fiber optic communication because commercially available, allowing for many industries to tap into its power

What industries use fiber optic communication?

A variety of industries benefit from fiber optic communication, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Computer Networks
  • Internet Connectivity

Call Shoreline Power Services for your voice, data, or network fiber needs. Contact us today!