Card Access

Card Access at Shoreline Power ServicesCard Access Communications

Shoreline Power Services installs and services many different brands of card access systems; our focus is on the Identicard and Kantech systems. Whether it is a new installation, a retrofit, or a remodel project, Shoreline has the talent and knowledge to complete the task.‚Äč Contact us to find out more!

Benefits of a Card Access System

  • record of entry

    • When you use a card access communication system, you have a record of who entered which door at what time. This allows you to retrace everyone’s path through the building. This comes in handy if some things go missing or if an alarm goes off.
  • works like a physical key and keeps door locked

    • Card access systems allow you to keep all your doors locked at all times so employees can simply scan their card to enter each time they move through a door.
  • Easily replace key

    • If someone loses their access card or an employee leaves the company, you can simply deactivate their card instead of rekeying the building.
  • Can allow employees additional access without additional key

    • If you’d like to give an employee additional access to a door, you can simply make a change on the access card software instead of making them a new physical key.
  • Set Doors to a Schedule

    • For whatever reason you need a schedule on your doors, you can set that with a card access system.

Card access systems allow your company flexibility for security for whatever your needs may be. Contact Shoreline Power Services today to set up your card access system!