Effective Modular Data Center Solutions

A modular data center system is a transportable method of implementing extra capacity for a data center. These movable blocks built within standard shipping containers can be positioned anywhere a data center may need extra storage. The team at Shoreline Power Services is here to help you with your data center needs throughout every step of the process, from design to installation. We can provide industry-leading data center solutions to help you achieve your business' precise goals.

Shoreline Workers Working on Modular Data Center Container, Transportable Data Center Capacity

Modular Data Center Design & Build, UL Field Evaluation Available

Shoreline Power Services offers modular data centers, and we will take care of the process from design to build out. Modular data centers are built in shipping containers, which offers many benefits. Shipping containers come in standard sizes and heights, making them easy to plan for. Modular data centers take less time to complete than a standard data center, so you can get things moving for your business. They are typically less expensive than standard data centers, reducing costs for your company.

Modular UPS, Generator and Distribution Container Design-Build, UL Field Evaluation Available

If you’re in need of a modular UPS, generator, or distribution container, Shoreline Power Services has you covered. From design to build out, we will handle it all. We also offer field evaluations.

Data Center Equipment Integration (Server Racks, Environmental Control Equipment like Cooling, & More)

When you’re considering a data center container for your company, you may be wondering how to integrate all the equipment. Shoreline Power Services will take care of this integration for you. We handle server racks, environmental controls, and beyond.

Electrical Distribution Systems (Electrical Lines, Poles, Transformers, Etc.)

Shoreline Power Services can recommend and install electrical lines, poles, transformers, and other electrical distribution systems that keep your company functioning. 

PDU & Busway Selection & Installation

Shoreline Power Services has the expertise and experience to recommend and install the best PDU & Busway for your company. We can recommend the product that will be right for your business now and for the future.

Generator Selection & Installation

When your company is searching for the right generator to keep business moving, Shoreline Power Services can help. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the product that will work best for your specific needs. Once we find the perfect product for you, we will install it to ensure your business never misses a beat.

New Build, Expanding & Retrofitting Existing Data Centers

Whether you’re building a brand-new data center, expanding one that your company has grown out of, or retrofitting an existing data center, Shoreline Power Services can help. From design to installation, we will assist with it all.

Fire Alarm & Emergency Systems

Shoreline Power Services will ensure your staff is safe from an emergency through fire alarms and emergency systems.

Low Voltage Cabling: Voice, Data, TV, POS. Security, AV

Shoreline Power Services can help your company with any of your low voltage cabling needs. We cover voice, data, tv, POS, security, and AV.

Field Services Available for Install/Setup/Troubleshooting

Shoreline Power Services is available to assist you with the installation of your new system, the setup, and any troubleshooting that may arise. We’re here to support your business with whatever questions you may have!

Learn more about one of our modular data center success stories, Shoreline Power Services' UPS Modular Container.

Why choose a modular data center?

There's no denying the importance of container data centers to maintaining smooth operations in any business. Traditional data centers are static and don't leave much room for additions. Modular data centers, on the other hand, are built to be transportable and able to quickly adapt to your team's needs on a grand scale. Modular electrical solutions are becoming increasingly popular for multiple reasons, including:

  • Time to implement up to 30% faster than traditional solutions
  • Efficient footprint
  • Custom-engineered to your specifications
  • Optimized cooling and power distribution
  • Scalable to future growth
  • Built offsite in a professional shop

Trust Shoreline's team for the best modular data center building for your business. For more information on our electrical services or electrical construction and more, take a look at the rest of our site and contact us today with any questions!