Modular Grow

Modular Makes Sense

Shoreline Power Services Provides Excellence In:

  • Design, Build, Delivery, and Installation of Modular Buildings.
    • Specify the building requirements or work with Shoreline to design the building(s).
    • Choose the level of Shoreline’s involvement in the process and site preparation as we manufacture your buildings in our factory

Prefabricated Modular Construction

  • Custom designs of I.S.O. containerized buildings.
    • Rugged Seamless Welded designs up to 53’ long
    • Rugged Joined designs of unlimited length
  • Integrated systems
    • Application specific: such as Fertigation and CO2 Systems for Cannabis Grow Facilities 
    • Fire Alarm & Emergency Systems
    • Security with cameras and door access
    • Cooling and heating 
    • Dehumidification
    • Air cleaning/odor control
  • Designed and built to IBC and NEC
    • We work with you to satisfy your local building authority’s requirements


  • Turnkey Solution
  • Lower Cost 
    • Lower Upfront Investment: 
      • Scalability – staged Growth
        • Don’t pay for all the infrastructure up front, just pay as you go 
      • Reduced Capital Expenditure for better-matched capital to growth and improved return on investment
    • Controlled costs and schedule: Fixed price contract for facilities with established requirements 
    • Future Flexibility: Add buildings or building complexes when the need arises
    • Portability: Disconnect and relocate buildings if the need should arise
      • Accelerated Depreciation
        • Generally, tangible property is depreciated over 7 years whereas conventional construction is depreciated over 39 years.
    • Reduced real estate size required with under-the-buildings retention ponds
    • Energy Optimization
      • Lower Operating Costs with high efficiency products and no wasted space
  • Simplified Implementation and coordination of workforce
  • Speed of Deployment: 6-9 months for modular vs. 18-24 months for “bricks & mortar” 
    • Off Site Construction : Modular buildings’ construction takes place during approval process and site preparation
  • Controlled Quality: Factory maintains quality vs trades unaccustomed to coordinating such work