Commercial Electrical Experts

Shoreline Power Services Wiring and Electrical in Ceiling GrateShoreline's team is experienced when it comes to all aspects of commercial electrical construction projects. When dealing with commercial electrical projects, the balance of conducting business as usual and performing work with other contractors can be difficult. The skilled team at Shoreline is exceptionally prepared and suited to accept and succeed in these challenges.

We will provide the best possible service to each of our commercial electrical clients, all while you continue to fully operate your business and serve your clients. A number of the services we provide include: 

Electrical Distribution Systems​

Electrical distribution systems distribute power from the source, such as from an alternating current or direct current, to where it will be used. ​​

Emergency Power Systems & Generators

Don’t let the elements prevent your business from functioning. We can install an emergency power system and generator to fit your business's needs.

Fire Alarms & Emergency Systems

Let us ensure your commercial building is hitting a top notch safety standard by installing fire alarms and emergency systems.

High Voltage & High Voltage Distribution

We install electrical distribution systems for high voltage distribution.

HVAC Controls

Proper HVAC control systems keep your business running efficiently. 

Instrumentation & Control

We design custom control panels to fit your individual needs. We will adhere to any of your design requirements.

Lighting & Dimming Systems

We install custom lighting systems for all your business needs.

Lightning Protection Systems

Keep yourself and your business safe from lightning. We install custom lightning protection systems.

Low Voltage Cabling: Voice, Data, TV, Audio, Visual

Low voltage cabling is a network foundation for digital technology to work from. The wiring for communication systems is separate from standard electrical wiring. We can install the systems that will keep your voice, data, tv, audio, and visual systems running smoothly. 

Security & Surveillance

Keep your business safe with a custom security and surveillance system. Nothing matters more than the safety of your staff, so you need a commercial electrician experienced in security and surveillance. 

Telephone & Television Systems

We can help you identify which phone systems are right for your company.

UPS Systems

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is an commercial electrical system that provides emergency power when the main power source fails. The three main functions of a UPS are to condition the dirty power you get from the electrical company, provide power for short-term outages, and allow you to efficiently shut down your whole system during a full power outage, keeping your business safe. 

No matter what commercial electrical services you need, Shoreline Power Services can help. Contact us today to work with the best commercial electrical contractors in Northern Michigan!