Plan, Design, Implement

Choosing the right electrical contractor can make or break a construction job. You need them to be absolutely certain about scheduling, quality, and costs or it throws the entire project off track. When you’re doing great work, shouldn’t the contractors be doing great work too? That’s why you need Shoreline Power Services on the job for your electrical construction needs. 

We understand how competitive and cost-oriented the commercial construction industry is. We choose to embrace the challenge and let it inspire us to be the best we can be. We want to keep the industry safe, efficient, and innovative. Our pre-fabricated assemblies are an example of our efficiency and cost-saving abilities. Creating assemblies in a controlled environment—a dedicated workspace in our warehouse—improves that quality even further.

Ferris State University New Dorm Building, Commercial ElectricalWith our process, a significant amount of time is spent in pre-planning to ensure a smooth process throughout the entire build. This minimizes the chance of losing time and money by learning specific safety protocols, temporary power sources, and other necessary requirements, as this will all be pre-determined.

Shoreline Power Services offers budget planning for designing, building, new construction, and remodeling projects. Our team of highly experienced engineers, project managers, and medium and high voltage technicians to get the job done quickly and efficiently and will help you with every step along the way. No matter the job size, Shoreline Power Services has the people and tools to complete your next project the right way! 

Electrical Contractor vs. Electrician

Electrical Contractors have a team of electricians that work together on larger-scale design and maintenance projects. Electricians are the tradespeople who do the work of installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. At Shoreline Power Services our experienced electrical contractors have an excellent team of electricians specializing in a variety of different electrical services. 

So, why do you need an electrical contractor? 

If you are building, designing, or renovating commercial or industrial spaces an electrical contractor is a valuable partner to have. Electrical contractors work to ensure that the electrical system of their projects are designed properly and meet all applicable codes and standards.

There are a variety of services electrical contractors can provide, including: 

Design: Electrical contractors will work closely with architects and engineers in building new industrial or commercial buildings. They will work with to meet all your electrical needs and ensure your new building has an efficient, safe, and effective electrical system.

Installation: Electrical contractors will oversee the installation process of all wiring, outlets, switches, and other electrical components. They will ensure that all items are installed correctly and work properly. 

Maintenance: Electrical contractors are able to provide maintenance for your industrial or commercial space. They can provide regular inspections, repairs, and upgrades. 

Repair: If something goes wrong with your electrical system, an electrical contractor will diagnose and fix the problem. It is extremely beneficial to have an electrical contractor to call when a problem arises. 

The electrical contractors at Shoreline Power Services will work to solve all your electrical construction needs in an easy, cost-saving, and effective manner. 

What Can I Expect When I Work with Shoreline Power Service Electrical Contractors 

Our electrical contractors at Shoreline Power Services strive to provide exceptional electrical service, and you can expect the following:

  • A friendly, professional contractor that works in harmony with engineers, architects, and other project managers 
  • A highly skilled, organized, and detail-orientated electrical contractor with years of experience.  
  • An electrical contractor with an intelligent, creative, and innovative team of electrical technicians
  • A knowledgeable electrical contractor with insight to the most cost-effective, efficient, safe, and latest electrical solutions and technology around. 

Shoreline Power Services sincerely appreciates every opportunity to budget, quote, and perform work for its customers. Contact us today for your commerical electrical construction project!