The construction industry is a competitive cost-driven industry. We embrace this competition and compete in this market through a safe, efficient, forward-thinking culture. An example of this is our approach to pre-fabricated assemblies. We dedicated a workspace in our warehouse for the manufacture of pre-fab assemblies. Our ability to build electrical assemblies in a controlled environment not only improves quality but also lowers the cost for the customer.

In addition to our pre-fab process, we dedicate up to 5% of our project budgeted hours to project pre-planning. This ensures that when our team arrives at a project site they know the specific safety protocols, temporary power, and other necessary requirements, project specifications, and have an understanding of the project.

Shoreline Power Services offers design, build, and project budgeting for remodeling and new construction projects. With our highly experienced engineers, project managers, and medium and high voltage technicians, you can trust Shoreline Power Services to get the job done quickly and efficiently. From small Commercial to large Industrial projects, Shoreline Power Services has the people and tools to complete your next project the right way! 

Shoreline Power Services appreciates every opportunity to budget, quote, and perform work for its customers.