Electrical Services


Exceptional Electrical Service for Your Business

The majority of businesses cannot function without electricity. It is our job to make sure you receive electricity in the most efficient and reliable way. Shoreline Power Services is a multi-faceted electrical group that provides a range of electrical services for both commercial and industrial applications. Our expert electricians can solve all your electrical problems and bring your business’s electrical infrastructure up to date. When you need electrical installation, updates, or repairs, we make sure you’ll have minimal downtime and as few service interruptions as possible. 

In such a competitive industry, Shoreline Power Services Electricians, Ground InstallationShoreline Power Services sets itself apart with the experience, the can-do attitudes, and the attention to safety (see sidebar for more of the values we pride ourselves on). Contact us for more information on your next electrical project. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Can I Expect When I Work with Shoreline?

Shoreline Electric is a proud leader in the electrical service industry. We strive to set our company apart from the vast competition and when we take on a new project, you can expect the following:

  • A friendly, professional team
  • Highly-skilled electrical technicians 
  • Conscientious and detail-oriented planning
  • Organized, aesthetically pleasing wiring installs
  • Safety practices that meet or exceed industry standards
  • An intelligent and creative team capable of innovative electrical solutions
  • Efficient installations that minimize wasteful electricity demand
  • An array of equipment capable of addressing any installation need
  • Regular communication with our client
  • No unnecessary costs
  • Professional results that will last many years

When you need the best industrial and commercial electrical contractors in Northern Michigan, Grand Rapids, Charleston, or Covington, contact Shoreline Power Services!



The Golden Rule

Treat your customers, employees, and suppliers as you want to be treated.


There are no projects or tasks completed successfully, if not done so within the boundaries of safe practices.

Service to Others Before Self

Perform your work at the highest level you are capable of producing.

Adaptability and Innovation

Adapt and create new ideas for projects

Service & Leadership

Every person involved in our organization will both serve and lead, understand that pride and arrogance will result in failure at both.