Full-Service Industrial Services

Industrial Building, Warehouse, Fluorescent LightsExceeding expectations is what our electrical team proudly achieves when it comes to the industrial electrical services we offer our clients. Our educated and skilled industrial electrical contractors have extensive experience and can complete the necessary work to a high degree of success. Our featured skillset includes food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wastewater, paint plants, automotive, municipal, and control processes. We wire motors, pumps, machines as well as high voltage scenarios. A few of our provided industrial electrical services include: 

Repairs & Installations

  • Electrical service upgrades and repairs: Our clean and efficient repairs can make any home or building â€‹fully functioning electrically. Give your home or business a boost with our upgrades.
  • Control systems design: We account for every detail and adhere to all requirements. Read more to hear about the type of design that we do. 
  • Generator installations: Our team provides avenues for you to keep power on any site.
  • Electrical installations or upgrades: Our team is trained to efficiently install or upgrade any electrical need you have. 
  • New outlet installation: We can provide avenues for you to receive power for whatever you need. 
  • Elevator wiring installation and repair: Whether it is installation or repair, we can handle your wiring repairs. 
  • All types of conduit installations: We ensure all electrical wiring is done safely, and protected for your everyday use. 
  • Cable tray installations: We think strategically to give your electrical the rigid structural support needed to sustain your needs. 

Quality & Safety Controls

  • Fiber optics installation:  Especially during this time, everyone needs faster service for work from home. Read here for how firber optics communication can do to allow you to work more efficiently. 
  • HMI design and programming: Our electrical programmers work hard to ensure that your operator producticity is optimized and you are recieving the highest quality. 
  • PLC controls: We pay close attention to detail and provise your safety. We ensure your downtime is minimized, and that you have the best service.
  • Industrial control systems: we can handle anything from food to pharmaceutical to municipal systems. Contact us for more information!

Renovations, Upgrades, & More

  • Modular service containers: This is what we do to implement extra capacity for a data center.
  • Automation systems: We cover everything automation, from design to automation. 
  • Camera systems: Our top notch security camera systems ensure the safety of yourself and your property.
  • Variable speed drives: We assist to help you use only the power needed, preventing anything from being wasted. 
  • Conveyor systems: We can install the systems necessary for you to have efficiency. 
  • Wiring renovations: Our team can handle any electrical renovation needed in a clean and efficient way. 
  • Panel upgrades: Each if our control panels are custom fit for your needs. We work around you to find the best fit.
  • Energy-efficient lighting: We understand the need o be effiecient, we can provide you with the necessary lighting to meet your needs while being energy-efficient. 
  • GFCI, RCD, and isolated ground outlets: Safety is at the fore front of our minds, we provide options to optimize the safeness of your establishment. 

Extraordinary Results with Shoreline Power

The Shoreline team of electricians is committed to delivering exceptional results every time, ensuring that we have thoroughly checked and double-checked our installations during every step of the process. We work closely with our clients to keep the project moving on schedule if changes are made like designs or other parameters. Our history of state-of-the-art electrical installations across the country meets and surpasses our customers' needs while adhering to our mission statement of providing high-quality solutions at a reasonable cost. Our focused team of industrial electricians work with integrity and motivation while ensuring a safe and enjoyable work environment. Contact us today for assistance with industrial electrical services.