Display Pack

Project Overview
Project Size:$250,00-$500,000
Services Performed:Commercial
Systems Engineering
General Contractor:Wolverine Construction
Owner:Display Pack

Corporate Office Relocation

Display Pack is a Grand Rapids based “start to finish packaging” facility. They have been at their Monroe location since 1979 and now are relocating to a new site where their whole facility will be on one floor rather than the current five floors and multiple buildings. Shoreline Power Services is handling the design and the installation of the electrical portion of this project. The project was budgeted for $300,000 for the electrical and began in Spring 2016. The new location will be in Cedar Springs and is 406,000 sq ft. The design portion of the project includes the primary power that will need to be upgraded from its current state and will also include lighting and new electrical service. Read more here!

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